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Road to Ruin



Joel J. (2) — Oskari P. (0)

Top 4

Joel J. (2) — Valentin S. (0)
Oskari P. (2) — Jussi V. (0)

Swiss (5 rounds)
RankPlayer (Deck)PointsRecord
1Joel J. (RDW)124-1-0
2Jussi V. (Abzan)124-1-0
3Oskari P. (Jund)103-1-1
4Valentin S. (UW Control)103-1-1
5Tuomas L. (Bant Lands)93-2-0
6Samu K. (4C Omnath)93-2-0
7Toni P. (Mardu Pyromancer)93-2-0
8Marco S. (4C Omnath)62-3-0
9Matti K. (Reanimator)62-3-0
10Lauri L. (4C Welder)62-3-0
11Sami T. (???)31-4-0
12Henri S. (Rector Pod)31-4-0
13Matti P. (???)00-2-0


What? European Highlander, regular REL.
Where? Oh My Game, Myyrmäentie 4 A, Vantaa (Google Maps)
When? Sunday 20.08.2023 at 10:45.

Registration: Oh My Game calendar


European Highlander.
Regular REL.
Entrance fee is 10 EUR.
Event cap is 50 players.
60 minute rounds.
Tournament is sanctioned with Companion App being used.


1st place: 1 bye for Team Kettu’s Highlander Havoc I on 29.10.2023.
Other prizes consist of product, depending on number of attendees.

Other info

We hope to gather as many decklists as possible from the event to publish via the Moxfield account. Please be ready to submit your event decklist either on paper or electronically. This is not a requirement but a sincere wish. 🙂


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