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Ylämaa II


What? European Highlander, regular REL.
Where? T-Talo, Vanha Hämeentie 29, Turku, Finland (Google Maps)
When? Saturday 23.09.2023 at 09:45.

Registration: MtgSuomi or via contact form.
Please pay in advance, details below in the “Registration” section.


Venue location for Ylämaa

“Same as last year”. T-Talo main hall. Address is Vanha Hämeentie 29, Turku (Google Maps).

Event map


Event is on Saturday, 23.09.2023.
Registration opens 09:45.
First round pairings at approximately 10:00.
First round starts at approximately 10:15.

45 minute lunch break after round 4.
Be prepared for lunch time! The nearby restaurants might get busy. If possible, please pre-order via food delivery services, or bring your own lunch.


European Highlander.
Regular REL.
Entrance fee is 25 EUR.
Event cap is 100 players.
6 rounds swiss into top 8.
60 minute time limit for swiss rounds.
No time limit for top 8 matches.
Gold border (WCD), CE/IE, Magic 30th Anniversary, and Artist Proofs are allowed.
Any other proxies are not allowed.


Please register in the MtgSuomi event calendar, or by using the contact form.

Please pay for your registration beforehand. This will save us time at the event.
If registration is approaching the cap, unpaid registrations will be removed.

– Registration closed, payment details removed –
In the note or comment, please write the name(s) of player(s) matching the registration.

Prize structure

Prizes are dependent on the number of paid attendees.

PlaceNumber of attendees
 81–10065–8050–6430–4920–29< 20
1.100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €
2.90 €90 €90 €80 €60 €50 €
3.–4.80 €70 €70 €50 €40 €20 €
5.–8.70 €60 €50 €20 €20 € 
9.–16.60 €50 €30 €   

Prizes will be primarily paid via MobilePay or bank transfer. Cash payout is possible only in special cases.

Side event: 7PT Highlander

Towards the end of the swiss rounds (near the middle of the 5th round) we will launch a side event for 7PT Highlander, aka Australian Highlander.

  • Tournament format will be from round robin up to 4 rounds of swiss, depending on participant number.
  • 50 minute rounds.
  • No additional registration fee.
  • Product prizes.
  • Proxy policy is the same as main tournament: Gold border (WCD), CE/IE, Magic 30th Anniversary, and Artist Proofs are allowed.

Format rules:
Deck lists:

Rent a bicycle for free!

With the code Ylämaa2 you are able to use the Turku city bicycles (Fölläri) for free during the event, between September 20th and 25th! The only limitation is a maximum of 30 minutes per trip: feel free to cycle as much as you want, the meter doesn’t start ticking until you have gone on for over half an hour on that particular ride!

Instructions on how to use the bicycles here:

If you arrive to the tournament locations by bicycle, please park them so that they don’t block any walkways! The recommended parking spot north of the building (on Vanha Hämeentie side) has been added to the event map. There you can find a small ledge, just next to the walkway, perfect for parking bicycles.

Other info

There will be a feature match table where matches will be recorded and published afterwards on the YouTube channel. It is your right to decline being set in the feature match table, no questions asked. Please approach the event staff at the venue if you have any questions or concerns. Please note that such accommodation might not be possible during top 8 matches.

We hope to gather as many decklists as possible from the event to publish via the Moxfield account. Please be ready to submit your event decklist either on paper or electronically. This is not a requirement but a sincere wish. 🙂


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