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Ylämaa III


What? European Highlander, regular REL.
Where? T-Talo, Vanha Hämeentie 29, Turku, Finland (Google Maps)
When? Saturday 21.09.2024 at 09:45.

Registration: MtgSuomi or via contact form.
Please pay in advance, details below in the “Registration” section.


Venue location for Ylämaa

“Same as last year”. T-Talo main hall. Address is Vanha Hämeentie 29, Turku (Google Maps).

Event map


Event is on Saturday, 21.09.2024.
Registration opens 09:45.
First round pairings & player meet at approximately 10:00.
First round starts at approximately 10:15.

45 minute lunch break after round 4.
Be prepared for lunch time! The nearby restaurants might get busy. If possible, please pre-order via food delivery services, or bring your own lunch.


European Highlander.
Regular REL.
Entrance fee is 25 EUR.
Event cap is 100 players (extended from 80).
6 rounds swiss (-64 players) or 7 rounds swiss (65+ players) into top 8.
60 minute time limit for swiss rounds.
Gold border (WCD), CE/IE, Magic 30th Anniversary, and Artist Proofs are allowed.
Any other proxies are not allowed.


Please register in the MtgSuomi event calendar, or by using the contact form.

Please pay for your registration beforehand.
Please note that the payment may take 1-2 bank days to register.
If registration is near the cap, unpaid registrations will be removed on September 6th the latest.

Bank transfer
IBAN: FI44 1271 5000 7044 28
Recipient: Henri Särkkä
Sum (main event): 25 EUR
In the comment, please write the name(s) of player(s) matching the registration.

Prize structure

Simple: All income minus expenses (venue, judges) equals prize pool. Prize cutoff is top8.

1st place will get approximately 26%. (approx. 390 EUR with 80 players)
2nd place will get approximately 18%. (approx. 270 EUR with 80 players)
3rd and 4th places will get approximately 12% each. (approx. 180 EUR with 80 players)
5th to 8th places will get approximately 8% each. (approx. 120 EUR with 80 players)

For winners permanently residing in Finland, all prizes valued over 100 EUR (both money and product) require the recipient’s personal identity code (henkilötunnus) for taxation purposes.
Prizes will be primarily paid via bank transfer. Cash payout is possible only in special cases.

Side event: Pauper Highlander

Towards the end of the swiss rounds (around the middle of the 5th round) we will launch a side event for Pauper Highlander.

  • Vintage banlist. No additional bans (e.g. pauper banlist is not followed).
  • Normal legality rule: if the card shows as common on Gatherer, it’s allowed.
  • Highlander deckbuilding rules: 100 cards minimum, singleton (apart from basic lands or Relentless Rats types of effects).
  • Tournament format will be round robin up to 4 rounds of swiss, depending on amount of participants.
  • 50 minute rounds.
  • No additional registration fee for Ylämaa III players.
    15 EUR registration fee for outside players. This may be paid on-site (cash or MobilePay), or beforehand (see payment info above in the “Registration” section).
  • Product prizes.
  • Proxy policy is the same as main tournament: Gold border (WCD), CE/IE, Magic 30th Anniversary, and Artist Proofs are allowed.

Other info

There will be a feature match table where matches will be recorded and published afterwards on the YouTube channel. It is your right to decline being set in the feature match table, no questions asked. Please approach the event staff at the venue if you have any questions or concerns. Please note that such accommodation might not be possible for top 8 matches.

We hope to gather as many decklists as possible from the event to publish via the Moxfield account. Please be ready to submit your event decklist either on paper or electronically. This is not a requirement but a sincere wish, and previous attendees may know I’m good at pestering. 🙂

Let’s go cycling!

Below is a word from our sponsor, or as we say in Finnish, kaupallisessa yhteistyössä!

KaaKau kaupunkipyörät sponssaa tapahtumaa ja tarjoaa kaikille haikkuilijoille koodilla SUMMONCAMEL alennuksen kaupunkipyörän kausipassiin hintaan 19 EUR vuoden loppuun. Alennus toimii kaikissa KaaKaun kaupungeissa ja pyöräillä saa myös ympäri Euroopan. Lisätiedot ja!

Huisia! Miten se toimii?
  1. Asenna Donkey Republic -sovellus [Google Play Store] [Apple App Store]
  2. Rekisteröidy
  3. Mene sovelluksen päävalikkoon ja valitse Jäsenkoodi, tuuppaa sinne koodi SUMMONCAMEL ja lunasta kausipassi erikoishintaan 19 EUR!

Turnauksen ajaksi saataneen joku hieno spesiaalikoodi viime vuoden tapaan – siitä lähempänä, mutta tämän kautta pääsette sekä tukemaan tapahtumaa että liikkumaan kätsysti!


Q: Will Duskmourn: House of Horror be legal?
A: Yes. The prerelease week of Duskmourn will begin on September 20th, the day before the tournament. As all sets become legal on their prerelease day, they will be legal in the tournament.

Q: Will Fantasiapelit Turku host an European Highlander FNM on the day before?
A: While I cannot make any promises for them, that sure is the intent. Please note that the FNM is sanctioned, thus gold bordered etc. cards are not allowed, unlike the Ylämaa tournament.

Q: For the side event, are cards banned in highlander legal, such as Treasure Cruise?
A: Yes, for the pauper highlander side event, the vintage banlist is followed. Thus Treasure Cruise is legal.


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