Webcam Magic 101

What you need
  1. Discord
  2. Webcam or smartphone, perhaps a stand of some sort
  3. Microphone (separate headset recommended)
General guides

There are plenty of general webcam Magic guides.
Hipsters of the Coast: Getting Set Up for Paper Magic Online
The Spike Feeders: How to Play Magic: The Gathering On Skype

Starting a game on Discord

First, join the Fantasiapelit Turku server:

General communications will be done on the ”haikkuliiga” channel.

After pairings, join the appropriate table voice channel by clicking it.
If you are not a player but only spectating the match, please mute your microphone and hide your video by default.

  • At the bottom, below the channel list, click ”Video” to begin sharing your video.
  • By right-clicking a video stream you may de-select ”Show Non-Video Participants” to hide all spectators.
  • To enlargen the video area, click the Pop Out icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • To hide your own video, either click the opponent’s video stream or right-click and select ”Focus This Person”.
Using a phone

To use your phone as a webcam, you’ll need a dedicated application for your phone and on your PC. There are approximately a billion guides on the internet on the topic.
Tom’s Guide: How to use your phone as a webcam
The Verge: How to use your Android or iOS device as a webcam
Indestructables: Android Smartphone As USB (!!) Webcam

You will probably also need an improvised stand. Here are a few options:
Stand from a fatpack
Stand from a cardboard box
Stand from PVC pipes
Stand from a swing arm (e.g. lamp stand)

Example setups

Thanks to the Canlander community on Discord for contributing!

Example 1: Webcam connected to desktop PC, attached to screen

Setup and camera view

Example 2: Webcam connected to laptop, attached to makeshift stand

Example 2: Webcam attached to stand (laptop)

Example 3: Lamp as a stand for webcam

Camera view

Example 4: DLSR attached to PC via HDMI input device

Setup and camera view

There can be only one.