Season O1

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Game Days

20.03.2021 11:00
27.03.2021 11:00
03.04.2021 11:00 Easter
10.04.2021 11:00

  • Season O1 is an online league organized due to restrictions brought by the pandemic. Due to its nature the season’s length is undefined.
      • The season is no-stakes, meaning no entrance fee and no prize payout.
      • Tournaments are played every Saturday.
  • Games are played via webcam on Discord.
      • Instructions can be found here.
      • Discord server link also here.
      • Follow the #haikkuliiga channel. Enroll for that day’s tournament on the channel, 5 minutes before start the latest.
  • Proxies are allowed.
      • The maximum number of proxies per deck is 10.
      • Proxies must be easily recognizable via webcam, e.g. print proxies.

There can be only one.